Get more from your JCurve ERP or NetSuite account

with a sandbox test account

Why use a sandbox account?

A sandbox account is a test environment where you can make changes without impacting your live account. It replicates all your live account so you don't need to spend time exporting and re-importing your information. Get the same data, set up and processes as your live account. No messing around.


Popular uses for a sandbox account include:

  • Testing - safely test everything you need including new functionality, business processes, and SuiteApps
  • Training - take the pressure off new system users with a test environment that's completely isolated from your important, live business data
  • Customisations - tailor the system to better suit your business needs by using a sandbox account first to check how those customisations will work
  • Project work - if you're running internal projects which include system development or if you're outsourcing project work, you can test and review all changes prior to updating your live environment
  • Updates - when you need to alter a dashboard that everyone uses or modify user roles, you can confirm your updates work before rolling them out

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